Online Order Management System

As the name suggests, OOMS is a complete order management system for restaurant and take-away businesses.

With online business growing day by day, having a complete e-commerce system for business has been always not affordable for restaurants. The operations of restaurant are always recurring and every second of service plays an important role.

OOMS steps in to the delegate the tasks on to itself and provides a manageable environment for your business.


  1. Fully Dynamic e-commerce enabled order online system.
  2. Stand-alone printer. This needs no Internet connection, computer or any assistance to perform its job. Accept/Update the order timing or cancel the order via printer.
  3. Post Code Handler.
  4. Loyalty Points Management.
  5. Discount Coupon Code Management
  6. Admin Panel to check sales, customer details and order details.

E-Commerce Store

Our E-Commerce store is a fully integrated enterprise level business solution for fast growing and large businesses. Our product provides business owners a platform to manage their sales, inventories, orders and accounts.

It also features Customisable product pages, Image galleries, Cross/Up-Selling tools, Secured checkout, Product filters, Customer ratings, Customer comments, and many other features.

Dreams Sculptures

Golden Supreme

Buddhist Dharma Shop

The Head Barbers

OnlineGift2Nepal Store

Being abroad we always love to surprise our loved ones back in country with gifts on special occasions like birthday, anniversary or any other special day. Our vision is simple, replicating your presence back home and forwarding your warmth and love to your loved ones.

We have a dedicated team based in Nepal who will deliver your gift as personal as you would have done by yourself.